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Historical Data

How to get centralized exchanges historical data and information.
Historical price trends can indicate the future direction of a cryptocurrency
Historical data provides several years of daily historical crypto prices, volumes, trades, and aggregates for each cryptocurrency.
Historical data is exchange specific, so some exchanges provide more historical data than others. If you want to save large amounts of historical data, please contact us here.

How It Works

Historical data is accessible on the trades and aggregates market data endpoints.
To access historical data, use the since parameter. The since parameter accepts a Unix timestamp from where you want the data to start.
To help convert Unix timestamps we use
Data Type
Unix Timestamp from where you want the time to start.
/{exchange}/{market}/trades?since={Unix Timestamp}
Historical Data

Response Object

"exchange": "binance",
"market": "BTC/USDT",
"trades": [
"id": "2214",
"timestamp": "1503000000087",
"price": 4307.56,
"size": 3.789232,
"cost": 16322.344193920002,
"side": "buy"
"exchange": "binance",
"market": "BTC/USDT",
"aggregates": [
"t": 1503000000000,
"o": 4307.56,
"h": 4354.84,
"l": 4258.56,
"c": 4346.74,
"v": 48.975472