Payment Methods

The Octane Payment Methods API provides developers with functionality to manage and retrieve information related to payment methods associated with their accounts.

To request a payment method, reach out to our dedicated support team at We're here to assist you!

Supported Payment Methods

  • Wires: Swift and secure wire transfers.

  • ACH Transactions: Streamlined ACH transactions for your convenience.


  • Retrieve a comprehensive list of bank accounts associated with your API key.

  • Access specific bank account details by querying with the bank account ID.

  • Create new bank accounts effortlessly by providing essential details in the request body.

  • Crypto Wallets: Manage your cryptocurrency wallets effortlessly.

  • Blockchains: Explore and leverage various blockchain technologies.


  • Obtain a detailed list of wallets linked to your specific API key.

  • Fetch specific wallet details by querying with the wallet ID.

  • Facilitate the creation of new wallets seamlessly by submitting wallet information in the request body.

This API simplifies the integration of payment methods into your applications, providing developers with the flexibility to efficiently organize and leverage financial data within the Octane ecosystem. Feel free to explore the possibilities and enhance your payment processing capabilities.

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