Crypto Off Ramp APIs - Business Guide

For Organizations Streamlining Customer Transactions

This guide is crafted for organizations seeking a seamless off-ramp experience for customers who have completed the Know Your Customer (KYC) or Know Your Business (KYB) processes.

It empowers organizations to create subaccounts effortlessly, enabling transaction initiation on behalf of customers with known KYC and payment information, including bank accounts and wallets.

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Create an Abyiss Account:

  2. Get Your API Key:

  3. Complete KYB Information:

    • Fill out the Know Your Business (KYB) information for your company at This process typically takes a maximum of 1 day.

  4. Use Subaccount API:

    • To create accounts for your customers both businesses and retail users you must utilize the Subaccount API.

    • Subaccounts:

      • A means of creating and controlling user accounts via a master account.

      • Can be interacted with via the master account's API key.

      • Think of this as another part of the apiKey.

      • Master account can interact with subAccount payment methods and transactions.

      • Master account cannot interact with subaccounts of a subaccount.

      • A subaccount can only have one master account.


    • Utilize our KYC/KYB API to upload customer information. KYC/KYB approval is crucial for subaccount transaction initiation.

  6. Upload Payment Information:

  7. Initiate Transactions:

    • Once the subaccount has completed KYC/KYB and uploaded sufficient payment methods, initiate transactions using our Transactions API.

  8. Integrate Webhooks:

    • Enhance your integration by listening for transactions and account updates with Abyiss Webhooks.

Embark on a seamless journey with Abyiss Cryptocurrency Off Ramp APIs, unlocking the potential for efficient and secure transaction management for your organization.

Abyiss Crypto Off-Ramp Diagram

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