Octane: Fait to Crypto On and Off Ramp

Welcome to the Octane API Documentation! This section of our documentation covers everything related to our crypto on and off ramp products, including order APIs, supported blockchains, support cryptocurrency, and more.

Octane offers a robust set of APIs designed to streamline and enhance your crypto on and off-ramp experience. Explore our powerful endpoints to manage bank accounts, execute orders, and gain comprehensive insights into your transactions.

To get started, you'll need to create an account and API key with Abyiss. This will allow you to access our endpoints and start building your applications. You can create an account by clicking the link here, and learn more about API Keys and Authorization by clicking the link provided here.

We hope this documentation will serve as a helpful resource as you work with our centralized exchange API. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

About Octane: Your Crypto On & Off Ramp

Octane stands as your trusted partner in navigating the realm of cryptocurrency. Seamlessly bridging the gap between traditional fiat currency and the expansive universe of digital assets, Octane allows effortless conversion from dollars to millions of cryptocurrencies spanning across hundreds of blockchains.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Crypto Transactions:

    • Cash-to-Crypto: Effortlessly convert dollars to millions of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDC, across numerous blockchains.

    • Crypto-to-Cash: Facilitate the conversion of cryptocurrencies back to traditional fiat currencies.

    • Crypto-to-Crypto Swaps: Enable decentralized trades and swaps between various cryptocurrencies.

    • Blockchain-to-Blockchain Cross-Chain Swaps: Seamlessly trade or swap assets between different blockchains.

  2. Customizable Transaction Fees:

    • Empower yourself by setting custom fees on transactions. Tailor your fee structure to align with your financial strategy, maximizing your earning potential.

  3. Bank Account & Wallet Connectivity:

    • Easily link your bank accounts with crypto wallets, streamlining asset transfers without complex procedures or multi-step processes.

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