Getting Started

Get Started With The Abyiss API
The Abyiss API allows you to connect to 100+ major cryptocurrency exchanges, while track 10,000+ assets in real-time. Let's get started!
The data that you can access through the Abyiss API differs based on your plan.

Get Your API Keys

To create an API Key you will need to sign up for an account here. Once you are signed up for a free account you can find your API Key in the dashboard. Your API requests are authenticated using API keys. Any request that doesn't include an API key will return an error.
To learn more about Authentication and API Keys please reference the API Keys - Authentication section under API Architecture.

Available Endpoints

Our API Endpoints are broken up into two categories, Reference Data and Market Data. All Reference Data endpoints are free to use and access, while Market Data endpoints are only accessible to paid accounts.
You will need an API Key to access all of our endpoints.

Make Your First Request

To make your first request, just ping our API: This will return "Hello from the Abyiss". All requests return JSON-encoded responses.
Ping Abyiss

Response Object

"ping": "Hello from the Abyiss"

Copy & Paste Code

Take a look at how you might call our API using the following programing languages.
Feel free to copy and paste this code into your own development environment and try it for yourself.
from Abyiss import Abyiss
apiKey = "YOUR API KEY""
client = Abyiss.Client(apiKey)
exchanges = client.getExchanges()
exchangeDetails = client.getExchangeDetails("coinbasepro")
exchangeStatus = client.getExchangeStatus("coinbasepro")
exchangeMarkets = client.getExchangeMarkets("coinbasepro")
exchangeMarketDetails = client.getMarketDetails("coinbasepro", "BTC-USDT")
aggregates = client.aggregates("coinbasepro", "BTC-USDT", "1h", '300')
trades = client.trades("coinbasepro", "BTC-USDT", '300')
quotes = client.quotes("coinbasepro", "BTC-USDT")
orderbook = client.orderBook("coinbasepro", "BTC-USDT")

Client Libraries

We currently support Client Libraries in the following programing languages. To learn more about our client libraries please reference the GitHub Documentation below.

Need support?

If you need any additional support please contact us on our website or send us an email at [email protected]. We are here to help.